Realizing that I was in the throes of midlife came as a shock and surprise to me. How was I suddenly approaching my mid-forties? Where did all that time go? It seemed like, within the blink of an eye, I was now faced with the reality that I was no longer considered “young,” (by societies standards anyway), and that I was on the precipice of a downward spiral known as “aging.”

Going for my yearly medical exam and hearing the doctor toss around words like “high-cholesterol,” “peri-menopause,” “mammogram,” and “osteoporosis” did nothing to assuage my already impending sense of doom that my life as I knew it, was over.

Yes, youth had its own set of challenges and difficulties, but they now seemed to pale in comparison to the reality of my changing body and fluctuating emotions, figuring out how to pay for the kids’ college educations, my changing role as “mom” to my teenage boys, and the prospect of caring for two sets of elderly parents.

I became anxious and depressed. I wasn’t sleeping well. I didn’t take care of myself. I ignored my own needs to the detriment of my own health and well-being. I was floundering and felt stuck on an unending hamster wheel that I couldn’t seem to get off of. I knew I wanted something different than the life I was living but I struggled to get clear on what that looked like or if it was even possible.

Finally, I hit a breaking point and knew things needed to change. I reached out to a trusted coach and friend and together we worked to get me off the hamster wheel and back on track to the life I really wanted. 

Through my own personal journey, I learned some valuable lessons, though. I learned that:

  1. Midlife does not have to be a crisis; it can be a calling. Midlife can be a time of reflection, re-evaluation, and re-invention to become the person we always wanted to be.
  2. Midlife can actually be one of the BEST times of life! There is no substitute for the insight and wisdom that comes with experience! Tuning in to this can help you create a life you really want to live!
  3. We don’t have to “let ourselves go.” In fact, we can become more “ourselves” than ever before. We can experience energy, health, and vibrant wellness through our midlife years and beyond and let go of societies standards of what beauty is. We can finally feel at home in our own skin.
  4. We don’t have to do it alone. As with any transition in life, midlife can be hard, but we don’t have to navigate it alone.  Having my own coach played a HUGE role in helping me take a step back, tune in to what I needed, and show up for life in the way that I wanted to.

It took some time and mindful intention but here’s what’s different for me now.

I sleep better.

I wake up with more energy and look forward to my day.

I prioritize my own wellness without feeling guilty.

I am more present with my family.

I feel less stressed, overwhelmed, and emotionally reactive.

I have a clear path ahead of me.

I experience a life of abundant MINDFUL WELLNESS


…and I want all these things for you too!  Don’t you think it’s time to step back, tune in, and show up for the life you want!

Let’s connect and talk about how you can make that happen!