Life Mastery Program

Hello Beautiful!

You’re a sensitive wonder woman that always makes sure everyone else is taken care of, and you do it so well. Your days are so full of “shoulds” and “have to’s” that you often forget about your own needs and wants.

You move diligently from one task to the next, but when you lie still in bed at night, drained and exhausted, you feel trapped and unsatisfied, and like you’ll NEVER BE ENOUGH.

You know there HAS TO BE MORE!

You have trouble recognizing yourself in the mirror and feel like a supporting character in someone else’s story. Where is your joy, your passion, your purpose?

And if something doesn’t change, soon, you’re afraid you’ll lose yourself completely.


It feels like life is passing you by and, even though you’ve done a pretty good job at being everything to everybody, THE PERSON THAT REALLY NEEDS YOU NOW, IS YOU.

Its for you that I created the “Own Your Story, Own Your Life” program.

A system to help you move from barely surviving to thriving.

You see, I’ve learned that it’s not the massive leaps that lead to transformation, but the small, steady steps in the right direction.

I believe, with all my heart, that you can be the hero in your own beautiful story and that you have the power to live a life of freedom on your own terms.

I want to invite you on an amazing journey of growth and transformation
and I’d like to be your guide.

Let me share a little bit about what you can expect from the “Own Your Story, Own Your Life” program.

This program will EMPOWER you to take OWNERSHIP of your life
in a way you never have before.

You will develop AWARENESS of your STRENGTHS and begin to use them to create the life you want, gain WISDOM and INSIGHTS so you can break free from old beliefs that no longer serve you, and build CONFIDENCE to take ALIGNED ACTION so you can OWN YOUR STORY and OWN YOUR LIFE!

Program Elements:

– A “Welcome to the Program” kit to facilitate your journey.

– 14 self-guided modules dripped to your inbox curated for your personal growth and development.

– 14 45-minute private one-on-one coaching sessions.

– E-mail or chat support between sessions as needed.

– 3 15-minute laser coaching sessions as needed.

– FREE comprehensive personality assessment.

Topics for Life Mastery include:

Strengths, Values, Vision, Mission
How to Cultivate a Growth Mindset
Challenging Assumptions
Self Love and Self Care
Scheduling and Prioritizing
A New Take on Goal Setting
And so much more…

Program Description:

This program is unique in that it combines online independent learning followed by one-on-one coaching sessions. This provides a powerful synergistic effect that enhances learning, personal growth, and transformation.

There are a total of 14 modules that will be delivered to your inbox one at a time.

After each module you will have a one on one coaching session to follow up on the module or to discuss anything that feels important to you at that time.

The program is organized in a two weeks on, one week off schedule to allow for assimilation and integration, or to catch up on modules or sessions.

After completion of all modules you will continue to benefit from 3 bonus coaching sessions to further enhance integration of the material.

Total program length, including off weeks, is 6 months.

*Pay in full or payment plans options available

You will…

– Develop AWARENESS of your strengths and learn to leverage them to create the life you want.

– Take OWNERSHIP of the story you want to tell.

– Bring to light old stories and learn what’s been holding you back, slowing you down, or keeping you in those old patterns.

– Have more control over your emotions, thoughts, actions, and life.

– Prioritize your health and well-being.

– Be empowered to create and maintain healthy boundaries.

– Be excited about the life you are creating.

– Learn how to say “NO” to the things you don’t want and “YES” to what you want more of.

– Create ALIGNED ACTION steps to become the author and creator of the life you want to live.

– Learn the three essential elements of transformation: AWARENESS, OWNERSHIP, ALIGNED ACTION

My promise to you


First, I promise to listen to you with an open heart and open mind.
Second, I promise to believe in you, 100%.

Let’s explore what’s been stopping you from having a life of joy and freedom on your own terms and then let’s map out a way to get you there, even if that map doesn’t include me.

I believe, with all of my heart, that everyone should be living a life that lights them up, so whether this is the end of our journey or the start of a beautiful adventure, I want you to walk away from our time together knowing that you are capable and that you deserve all that the world has to offer.

Talk to you soon!

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