Client Love

I love showcasing some of the amazing people that
I’ve had the pleasure of working with!

I can assure you that being coached by Christy is one of the best decisions you will make for yourself!

I didn’t know what to expect when I started working with Christy. I had never worked with a coach before, but Christy made the entire experience so comfortable and fun!

Her calm demeanor and non-judgmental attitude created a safe space for me to really explore and learn more about myself.

She has a way of seeing beyond the surface and getting to the heart of the matter, which is really life changing.

I went into coaching with uncertainty, and a little bit of fear, but came out with newfound confidence and practical tools to ensure my success. 

~ Peggy D.

Can’t recommend her more highly!

I have been getting coaching from Christy for several months and feel it has been a highly valuable experience.

Christy is smart, insightful and caring. Without a doubt she has helped me think outside the box with my business and work and really pushed me to stretch and crush several professional goals. 

~ Kaleo A.

Christy is a gifted coach. The space she creates for people to explore their thoughts and feelings is unlike any other. 

She is like a fairy godmother sprinkling goodness in every session. 

Christy is a very thoughtful coach and always gives me the space to pause & reflect which is what I need in my all too busy life.

She is also not afraid to point out things I might be overlooking, and we are able to dig deep which is enormously helpful.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the coaching Christy has provided and if you are looking for an insightful and supportive coach you are in the right hands!  

~ Caroline O. 

Words don’t do justice in describing how amazing Christy is. She was meant to be a coach!

After every session I feel uplifted, confident, and clear about what I want. I have struggled with self-confidence and self-doubt but after working with Christy I have found the strength to make some really difficult decisions in my life.

You have to experience her coaching for yourself to fully understand it!

~ Helena S.

Do yourself a favor and work with Christy sooner than later!

I’ve had the privilege and honor of being coached by Christy since the beginning of 2019. She is a knowledgeable coach who provides practical tools that can be used every day.

I trust, rely on and believe in her to coach me towards the things that matter most to me. She has helped me to change some habits that weren’t serving me.

I am now on the path to greater well-being with Christy’s help. She holds me accountable and we all know that is a huge piece of the puzzle when working on changing ingrained habits. 

I leave our sessions with a sense of hope and excitement about the new possibilities in my life.

~ Nicole H.

I have a new mindset and tools that are helping me finally move in the direction of my business and life goals.

Through Christy’s coaching I have uncovered some real roadblocks that were holding me back from making progress in my business. By bringing these to my awareness I now feel like I have a choice in how I interact with my anxiety when it starts to rear its head.

~ Stacey W.

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